The job of the Future: becoming a Dreamer

Here at the-Coaching Blog-run by Gerard O’Donovan, our aim is to constantly bring value to those seeking to improve their lives. Therefore we have a policy of publishing articles and materials by guest authors whom we value and appreciate. Today’s guest author is Cristina Nicoleta Burcă — iCN Journalist, Romania.

With so many great men in our history, from Confucius to Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi and Steve Jobs, all inspiring people to follow their dreams and live with integrity in thoughts, words and actions, as the single path to happiness, a real School for Dreamers eventually came to live.

“Do only what you love and love what you do. Train yourself to be a Dreamer.” is the motto of the School for Dreamers, an International higher education project, founded in 2010 by Stefano D’Anna, former Rector and founder of the European School of Economics and leading manager of multinational companies (Alfa-Romeo, Fiat International, Olivetti Corporation of America among others). Together with Francesca Del Nero, Director of the School, in Italy, they have developed an innovative career coaching programme for both the younger generation and adults.

We spoke with its founder Stefano D’Anna, and Francesca Del Nerro, to discover the philosophy behind this concept, as well as with the people who have radically changed their lives by attending the school.

Stefano D’Anna, founder of the School for Dreamers: “The world desperately needs men and women incorruptible in life as in politics and business with the vision of a pragmatic dreamer. The idea is to forge visionary leaders, led by Ethics and Integrity. They are our future leaders, the most strategic resource for human and economic development in every country.”

Francesca Del Nero, Director of the School for Dreamers: “The target is from 15 years old onwards. There are two main programmes: one dedicated to the youngest, up to 19 years old — training for Dreamers — and one dedicated to the adults. The ones among them who are younger are inspired to enhance their qualities of leadership, to become the new Dreamers of the world. It is a journey towards the regain of one’s own Integrity as the essential quality of the new leadership.”

The School is rooted on the philosophical thoughts expressed by Stefano D’Anna in his master-piece books, “The School for Gods” and “A Dream for the World”, published in 2009 and 2012, respectively. It proposes training programmes and seminars which integrate the most advanced tools coming from neurosciences and scientific discoveries. The goal is to train individuals to develop a Hero mindset through responsibility and self observation.

Stefano D’Anna says: “Whenever you are able to really observe something negative in yourself, you are no longer trapped in it. If you observe inside yourself, the right things will start to happen and those that are not right will gradually fade away. Self-observation is self-correction.”

One of the most recent programmes developed by the School for Dreamers is “The Journey of the Victory”, an intensive “self-training” programme, divided into two stages: a weekend followed by 8-day training at one month distance (currently running in May-June and July-August 2014). Participants will make a journey in and out through the main themes of the book “The School for Gods” of Stefano D’Anna, its principles and laws. It is a 8 step process towards Victory.

Marco Nunzio, one of the first students of the School, and currently The Dream Coach in its team, confesses: “The School for Dreamers came into my life at the perfect moment. I still can remember the first thing Prof D’Anna said to me: “The School for Dreamers is just for you, and for nobody else. It came to you because you are ready, now.” It was an 8 day experience, an intensive program which gave me the opportunity to really observe myself, to deeply understand the word responsibility. After this programme, I spent two weeks in total isolation. No friend, no relative, nor partner could understand the great inner motion that I was experiencing. It was as if I was sleeping and someone had given me a slap in the face to wake me up. I needed to have that moment just for myself — my introspection. At the end of that journey to self-discovery, I have realised that Research is no more the professional path that I wanted to continue. A completely different path came to my thought and, I only needed to have the courage to pursue it. I looked for a completely different training: a School of Coaching, NLP and personal development courses. After two years of hard work, I was able to collaborate with the School for Dreamers as a Dream Coach.”

What changes did this bring to Marco’s life? A Rhetorical question, but still we sought for his answer:

Marco Nunzio: “I am now completely satisfied, free to live the life that I choose to have. I live the joy of the moment without expecting anything from the future. I live like in a mobile paradise, an everlasting dream that lights my actions apparently without any coherence. And for those people around me, who might call it a «mad, reckless and irresponsible choice», I call it «the true engine force of the Dreamer, a complicated device that no one knows except the deep intelligence of the Dreamer himself»”. But, likewise any other career, it does not lack challenges: “The challenge now is to remain cantered. Never forget to travel in all directions, but always keeping an eye on the Dream” concludes Marco.

Since its launch in 2010, more and more generations of people pass the steps of the School for Dreamers in the pursuit of their dreams. In the pursuit of becoming One with their Dreams.

As its founder states, it will forge “A new generation of leaders able to harmonize the old apparent antagonisms: Economy and Ethics, Action and Contemplation, Financial power and Love.”

Becoming a Dreamer seems no longer a Dream.

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Cristina is a professional and enthusiastic Communication and Lifestyle Consultant, with broad professional experience in international environments (Belgium, Germany, India, Italy and Romania) as PR professional and Journalist. She is currently based in Romania, but she offers consultancy and trainings at international level.

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