Marketing Plans That Motivate Setting up the Perfect Marketing Plan for YOU

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As a coach with your own practice, you may have been told what to do to grow your business. Mentors, senior-level colleagues, business partners, peers, and others have shared with you how THEY achieved success. But many entrepreneurs and business owners like you remain uncomfortable when it comes to that dreaded word … marketing … or even worse … a marketing plan!

Why? Because you likely have not been given the correct tools to truly market yourself.

The perfect marketing plan should pinpoint motivating factors that inspire you to achieve your specific goals in a way that offers you the freedom to be yourself, make genuine connections and establish authentic relationships.

So, while it may seem like a great idea to participate in networking events or meetings, without thoughtful consideration of your comfort level and potential contribution, it might not yield desirable results; in fact, it may actually deter you from marketing!

No one wants to move outside of their comfort zone for fear of looking foolish and no one wants to waste their time. A generic marketing plan with individual goals might read something like “…will attend a speed networking event, two lunch meetings each month and will join a professional organization.” Often, lists of organizations are distributed for team members to select from.

What are the results of this approach?

  • Lack of Focus — the pressure is on you to find events each month that will fit into your schedule, rather than focusing on making a true connection with someone who will value your skills.
  • Lack of Motivation — You are tasked with finding someone with whom you share a common interest from a set of individuals that have been gathered for the sole purpose of general networking.
  • No Ownership of the Commitment/Activity ‐ “What will I have to do if I join?”It’s not that having monthly goals is a bad thing and perusing a list of organizations can certainly be helpful — it’s just putting the cart before the horse.

Individual Marketing Plans– Everyone has their place in the Sun!

The perfect marketing plan for YOU should provide a safe, comfortable place for you to regularly communicate your value to a specific, targeted audience.

A Common Interest ‐ Identify a group of people with whom you share something in common in order to foster a genuine interest in the group, as well as compatibility with its members. This should help facilitate authentic connections.

Mould your individual marketing plan around your specific abilities and interests. Your target group should offer something attractive to you. What type of people do you most enjoy being with? Start thinking about what you enjoy and what inspires you; pinpoint your favorite clients or customers to identify the essence of what makes them so favorable; then try to duplicate that nuance in the organizations, venues or activities that you select for your marketing plan.

It might be possible for you to attend only 4 or 5 networking events throughout one year IF you can truly bond with the members of each group. In addition to networking events, remember to communicate regularly with your new contacts individually. If you have a common interest with them, you’re more likely to do this. Consider contributing an article to a specific group’s newsletter or give a presentation. Work with a colleague or business partner to address the group. You will have ownership of your marketing plan because it is tailored perfectly for you — and then you will be fully committed to its successful implementation.

Group Marketing Plans– Getting and Giving Support

Coaches working together can develop a group marketing plan for a niche or service area using the same approach you would use to develop an individual marketing plan. Everyone should be comfortable with their contribution to the entire marketing plan and agree on the type of client(s) or customer(s) they want to attract. Tailor the plan to the target group and include events throughout the year that they attend, publications they read and any other venues by which you could provide worthwhile information.

Define Key Strengths & Roles ‐ Acknowledge the strengths of each of the key team members and clearly showcase these in all of your communications to the target group. All aspects of the plan should highlight these abilities and engage the target audience by demonstrating the value of these skills. The plan should extend over a period of time (one year or so) and be molded around the schedule of opportunities to reach your target group regularly. If one of your coaches is more technical, perhaps that individual can contribute the points of an article for an appropriate newsletter or publication. Perhaps that individual can develop a presentation for a conference. Another coach might enjoy research. That individual could be charged with providing current news or trends about pertinent topics that would interest the target group.

The group marketing plan should utilize the resources and talents of the entire group so that all may participate. One month maybe present an informative networking event, the next a broadcast e‐mail featuring a hot topic, the next an article in an appropriate publication, the next an appropriate sponsorship, etc. One coach could be charged with the coordination of all events. With everything planned well in advance, everyone knows what is expected from them and is comfortable with their contribution. Opportunities will present themselves over time, as your business develops a reputation of its commitment for that niche.

Everyone has strengths (and areas for improvement). Your marketing plan should take these into consideration. Any professional can successfully market themselves when they are at ease, confident and nurture the right relationships ‐ which will yield the highest return on your investment.

About the Author

Cheryl Oribabor is a Senior Marketing Consultant & Life Coach. With Marketing Plan Coaching she serves business owners and entrepreneurs, offering customized marketing plans, business development coaching, and social media training. Her inspiration is in providing insight to help you grow your business and do more of what you love. Cheryl can be reached at 856.441.0577 or

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