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  • Graz Kania-Knight

    Graz Kania-Knight

  • Peer Mathiesen

    Peer Mathiesen

  • David Alexander

    David Alexander

    “Am I cute? No. But do I have a nice personality? Also no.” — Web guy, blogger, & purveyor of weird and futuristic things. http://bit.ly/2F7QQyT

  • Michael Noel

    Michael Noel

    Co-Founder and CEO of Blockchain Consultants https://BlockchainConsultants.io and BlockchainWeekly.io Host

  • Vanojan Manickanadarajah

    Vanojan Manickanadarajah

    Co-Founder and Senior Medical Writer at NV Medical Writing www.nvmedicalwriting.com Doctor. Medical Writer. Health enthusiast.

  • Boris Pavlov

    Boris Pavlov

  • Frances O'Donovan Sadat

    Frances O'Donovan Sadat

  • Krasimir Vatchinsky

    Krasimir Vatchinsky

    For over thirty-five years, I acquired skills and knowledge to enhance myself, and those whom I help, in Entrepreneurship, Cyber Security, Software Development

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